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  • gevangenineendroom

    Gevangen in een Droom (Captured in a Dream)

    Unfortunately there are currently no English subtitles for this film! Gevangen in een Droom is my very first family film as director and co-writer. We made this film with…

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  • marinda2

    Passion for Fashion: Marinda Demeijer

    People who are passioned about what they do intrigue me, perhaps because I am passionate about what I do. In this short documentary fashion designer and maker Marinda…

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  • De Rit

    We made this short film for the 48hr project in Breda (7-9th of March 2014). The given elements: Genre: Western and/or Musical Prop: Flag Dialogue line: ‘Eindelijk een…

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  • White Clouds

    White Clouds (original title: Witte Wolken) deals with grief. We follow three protagonists who all lose someone dear to them. The film was made in a time span of 6 months…

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  • Love Life, Fight Cancer

    We all know someone who is fighting or has fought cancer! So when Brandfighters and KWF (Dutch cancer research charity) teamed up and announced a video battle aimed…

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